The Classic Confections in Greenbelt 5, Makati

Classic Confections of Greenbelt 5 in Makati
Classic Confections of Greenbelt 5 in Makati
After slightly getting disappointed in Burger Bar, we decided to have our desserts elsewhere. Taking the suggestion of my sister, we ended up in Classic Confections where we had cakes, tea and coffee.

In this blog post, I'm taking a new approach, where I reduce the words and put in more photos. Let me know what you prefer more.

Chill and hang out in Classic Confections!
Sit back and relax as you chat with your friends here in Classic Confections. It's all comfy, warm and inviting. The place is lovely because of the fun arrangement of the sweets, but what I adore the most is the ultimate comfort the place brings.

On the go goodies of Classic Confections
On the go goodies of Classic Confections
If you are on the go or planning to surprise someone with some sweets, Classic Confections will still be there for you. Take a look at these goodies wrapped or packed in cool and sleek containers or packages.

Cakes of Classic Confections in Greenbelt 5 Mini Cakes of Classic Confections

Now check out the cool cake collection of Classic Confections! Each of these treats has something unique in them. You will definitely take delight in being able to try them all out.

Inside the Classic Confections
Inside the store: Featuring the Cakes
Spend some time relaxing in this very comforting place in Greenbelt 5!
The cozy interior of Classic Confections
The cozy interior of Classic Confections

Admire the beauty of the place. This is what you call "simple yet elegant". 
Classic Confection Store in Greenbelt 5
A little closer: Cakes and Goodies

3 Cakes of Classic Confessions

The Cakes

As mentioned, you will find the cakes interesting because you will see or taste something different. The selection is somewhat limited, but this may be a good thing because you know that they are specializing.

In addition, the flavor of the cakes is distinct and potent; hence, sharing is definitely encouraged. This means that a few spoonful will do the trick. In fact, anything beyond it may diminish your enjoyment. Order and share up! 

Cheesecake Obsession of Classic Confections
Cheesecake Obsession (Individual) at P245
The Cheesecake Obsession was awesome, but the taste was something you'll get used to immediately. The texture and flavor are something you'll find in the usual cheesecakes, but what makes it different is the variation in taste brought by the cylindrical chocolate pieces on top.

Double Chocolate Mousse at Classic Confections
Double Chocolate Mousse (Individual) at P195
The Double Chocolate Mousse was two of my brothers' favorite. The moist and soft cake, wrapped in a delightful semi-sweet chocolate, made it highly memorable, not to mention the fantastic combination of taste as the mousse blends in. It was quite an experience!

Nono's Chocolate Oblivion at Classic Confections
Nono's Chocolate Oblivion (Individual) at P225
Nono's Choco Oblivion tasted very special but may be a little sweeter than what it should be. On the other hand, the texture was notable because of the variation caused by the crunchy and sugary coating - and actually this is what makes it really sweet. On the contrary, if you have a prominent sweet tooth, you won't mind it, and in fact, you'll love it!

Iced Mocha of Classic Confections
Iced Mocha at P135
As for the drink, I didn't enjoy it much because I'm not into coffees, but what can I note this Iced Mocha is the distinct coffee and cocoa taste infused together. There was little to no hint of sweetness (depending on your sensitivity to it) which balances the sweetness of the cakes.

Cafe Americano of Classic Confections
Cafe Americano at P85
This what something my dad had. I wasn't able to try it out (because again, I am not fond of coffees), but I'm just sharing this photo to you, so you'll have an idea.

Comment on the Prices

I find the prices somewhat extravagant (for the cakes); however, when we speak of value for money, I'll tell you it's absolutely worth it. Considering the taste and experience, the prices would entirely be worth the extra pennies you'll provide.

Note about the Service Charge
I was somehow surprised when I discovered that there was a service charge because all they need to do is slice the cake, put it on the plate and serve it up. However, I didn't mind it until the time we went out.

The service charge should have made the crew appreciative that we dined there because they'll get a portion of it. Sadly, it was disappointing that they forgot to say "thank you". This is just a short yet effective way of expressing gratitude, yet they failed to make it.

Anyway, this wraps up my blog post about this intriguing Classic Confections. Try it out as it redefines what cakes should be. Don't forget to comment and share this post with your friends!

Classic Confections (June 25, 2013) by Renz Cheng
Place:  ★★
Cake Experience:★★
Value for Money:  ★★

Location: Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St. Legazpi Village, Makati City
Contact No.: 729-9243
Service Charge: 10% of price

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  1. I've read lots of great things of their desserts. Will try this soon. :)

    1. Yup! It's definitely heaven! You will enjoy every bit of it. :)

  2. tried their Cheesecake! sarap! :) simple yet divine! :)

  3. Nice blog. I love to look at pictures and to be honest I usually spend more time looking at the pictures then scan the post for the price of food and if it tastes good or bad.

    1. Thank you so much! I am aware that most people really do that. They browse through the blog post (usually scrolling down through the photos), and then leave. So, thanks for going through my write up! The fact that there are still people out there happy to read the posts gives me the motivation, to continue crafting the write ups. Thanks again for dropping by!


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