ROYCE Chocolates in Power Plant Mall (Rockwell)

Royce Chocolates in Rockwell
Royce Chocolates in Power Plant Mall
Just after we ate in The Cafe Mediterranean: Flavors of the Sun, we strolled in the mall for a while to let the dashing food we ate completely settle down. Then, we headed to the Royce store to claim my mom's two free chocolates (promo from Standard Chartered). 
In this blog post, I'm going to share with you what I think of the chocolates, and somehow brag the photos I was able to take. (I'm guessing that my photography exposures started to yield some results). Let's begin the sweet exploration! 

Sweet Exploration

The photo below shows the Royce branch in Power Plant Mall. I love the blue and white theme of the store because it gives you a sense of calmness - so refreshing!
The Royce Store in  Power Plant Mall, Rockwell
The Royce Store in  Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

The Mini Review


As mentioned, my mom got 2 chocolates for free from a credit card promo, but I'll include the price, so that you'll have an idea. The first pick was the Royce' Amande Chocolat - Black (P450):
Royce' Amande Chocolat - Black
Royce' Amande Chocolat - Black
PS: Those are not my hands. They are my sis'.
I'll keep it simple, just like how the taste was (but don't get the wrong idea). What I mean by this is that because of the simplicity, you will be able to focus on the potent flavor of the chocolates (be it dark or white)  making it a very good thing. For that reason, munching on ROYCE chocolates gives you an opportunity to relax, breathe in and savor the sweet moment of indulgence.

The Chocolates

For the Amande Chocolate, I adored the fantastic taste of cocoa including its richness and smoothness, the freshness of the almonds and the playful taste altogether. The fact that I really love dark chocolates further makes me long for a piece (or more) each day. This is why it didn't lasted for a week. However, honesty obliges me to admit that this is not the best I've tasted so far. I still love Truffle Chocolates and Cadburry's Limited Edition Dark Chocolate with Raspberry better. You may contest that it's not comparable with these two, so if that will be the case, then it's the best I've tasted in that category (i.e. chocolate with almond). 

The second once was the Royce' Marshmallow Chocolate (P450):
Royce's Marshmallow Chocolate - White
Royce's Marshmallow Chocolate - White
For the Marshmallow Chocolate (White), I felt that there wasn't much special about it except for the smooth and slightly unique milky texture and flavor respectively. Although the staff recommended to us to get the white one because it sells more than the chocolate version, I believe that the latter complements the marshmallows better. Also, considering the quantity, I felt that it was not worth the P450 (in case we paid for it). Anyway, since I already mentioned the price, let's talk about it in the next section. 


I know that both of the chocolates tasted great! However, I still believe that ROYCE is a bit overrated when it comes to the price. The premium that we will be paying for seems to be not exactly worth it (depending on what we consider to be value-generating, of course). There may be better alternatives out there that are less expensive. In fact, I can already settle with Wiggles for the chocolate-coated marshmallows. I'm exaggerating of course, but hopefully you got the point. Does this mean that I'm not recommending ROYCE? Not exactly because, again, it depends on your preference whether the chocolates there target all that you find pleasing. In my case, I'm still willing to purchase from time to time, perhaps twice a year?

Anyway, this conclude my mini-review that turned out to be not-so-mini at all. Share you favorite chocolate brand/s and variant/s below! 

ROYCE Chocolate
Level R3, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive
Poblacion, Makati

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  1. I love the chocolate dipped potato chips. I just need some budget..hahaha

    1. Yup, I think that one is more expensive than what I mentioned here, but I'm honestly not fond of the chocolate dipped potato chips because I find it too salty for that kind of dessert/snack. :)

  2. Nice. You can also get Royce' online at :


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