PastaRoni: Guilt-free Italian Cooking in Taguig

PastaRoni: Guilt-free Italian Cooking
PastaRoni: Guilt-free Italian Cooking
This is the 3rd stop out of 4 restaurants/food places we visited for our first ever food trip in Makati and BGC.

After a gratifying start in Nihonbashi Tei and Relik Tapas, we proceeded with the other half of our main course! This time, we opted for some pasta and pizza! Since PastaRoni is located just a short-walk away (probably taking your less than 30 seconds), we placed it on our list!

The Place 

Let's talk about the place first, before we proceed with the food!
Dining in PastaRoni in Bonifacio Global City
Dining in PastaRoni in Bonifacio Global City
PastaRoni in BGC, Taguig
Photogenic Plastic Fruit Displays

Simple but Not So Elegant

The moment I stepped in the restaurant, I noticed how simple everything was (which may be good depending on your preference) - no magnificent furniture, (less to) no artistic elements and no attention-grabbing anything. In short, there was nothing special and unique about the place. This does not mean however that we didn't feel comfortable. In fact we did, but only after they turned on another air-conditioning unit.

The only interesting display

Alright, I may have exaggerated my statement a while ago. There was something that grabbed my attention, and it was the set of plastic fruit display placed in cylindrical glasses. They added a little character to the place that somehow exuded a "healthy" vibe. Also, since I was still in the process of learning how to capture a subject (or subjects), I decided to take a photo of the displays.

Some designs in PastaRoni, BGC
Practicing some more to sharpen my photography skills!

The Food Trip Buddies

Here's a photo of us just before we ordered our food. 
Keshia Ong, Renz (me), Robie Reyes, JD Castillo, Pam Chua and TJ Palanca
My food trip buddies!
From left to right: Keshia Ong, Renz (me), Robie Reyes, JD Castillo, Pam Chua and TJ Palanca

The Food 

Let's start digging in! We only ordered three dishes, two of them were Sausage Arrabiata (P199):
It's pasta time in PastaRoni: Sausage Ariabatta
It's pasta time in PastaRoni: Sausage Arrabiata
When this was served on our table, I was able to catch a very appetizing aroma that boosted my appetite! The first few bites were fantastic! I was able to enjoy the play of flavors coming from the tomatoes, herbs, spices and sausages (gives a hint of spiciness to the overall dish). However, I noticed that there was quite a number of sausages included in the pasta dish. Although this might be a good thing for many, it wasn't for me. I am a believer of the quote "Too much of something good becomes bad" and because of this I wasn't able to appreciate the overwhelming taste of sausages (of course, I had an option not to consume them, but I didn't want to waste any).

Friendly note: One order of this Sausage Arrabiata is sufficient already for two, unless one of them is really hungry.
Recommended? Yes but not so much.

The third dish was no other than the pizza: Italian Sausage Pizza (P295):
Meaty and Yummy Italian Sausage Pizza
Meaty and Yummy Italian Sausage Pizza
Perfect for sharing, this Italian Sausage Pizza definitely made our day! As evidenced by the photo, the pizza contained an oozing mozzarella cheese, topped by ample sausages and other toppings enough to complete the fantastic taste! All the flavors were complementing together creating delight in every bite!

Note: The pizza is made out of whole-wheat, so it takes away the guilt somehow.
Recommended? Definitely yes!

This wraps up the main course portion of the food trip! It's now time to head to the finale - the desserts!  To officially end up the food trip, we chose to satisfy our sweet cravings in barDolci gelato store!


ServiceNot enough basis
Note about the rating: These scores are based on this experience alone as well as the food that I had during this time. 

Unit E Bonifacio Stopover,
32nd St Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Service Charge: None

via munchpunch:
Contact No.: (02) 703-5520
Store Hours: 7:00AM - 11:00PM (Monday to Friday)
                     11:00AM - 8:00PM (Saturday to Sunday)

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  1. The dishes are quite reasonable. :) Saw this yesterday. Will try this soon!

    1. Yup, that is something I really like about the resto - affordable prices. :))


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