MRS. FIELDS Cookies, Brownies and Muffins in Power Plant Mall

Mrs. Fields in Power Plan Mall
Mrs. Fields in Power Plan Mall
On the same date that we redeemed our free chocolates from ROYCE and dined in Cafe Mediterranean, we claimed another free goodies, but this time from Mrs. Fields!

I  came up with this quick post to basically share with you what I think of the taste and the price of the nibblers, muffin and brownies, similar to what I did with the post on Royce Chocolates.

I'll start by sharing with you the photo of the Mrs. Fields stall in Power Plant Mall (which is one of the two Mrs. Fields store I only know of - the other one is in Mall of Asia).  Anyway. this is the place where we redeemed our freebies (again, promo of a credit card):

Mrs. Fields Stall in Power Plant Mall
Mrs. Fields Stall in Power Plant Mall

The Sweet Treats

Cookie Nibblers P75 for Half Dozen (6 pcs) and P145 for One Dozen (12 pcs):
Mrs. Fields Cookie Nibblers
Mrs. Fields Cookie Nibblers
These cookie nibblers seemed so fantastic when I first saw them (except the price - it was blinding). However, I got a little disappointed because they didn't meet much of my expectation. Although I appreciated the taste because they somehow resembled homemade cookies that I adore, it failed to provide me with something else. Perhaps, some surprising variation with the taste would have made it even more enjoyable.

Muffins @ P75 each!
Chocolate Muffins of Mrs. FieldsMuffins of Mrs. Fields in Rockwell Center

The muffins were fine, and I was able to enjoy one as a snack (specifically a chocolate muffin). The texture wasn't that much likable (but forgivable), since it kept on leaving much crumbs as I consumed it. Taste-wise, it was great because of the mild sweetness.

Brownie Nibblers P120 for Half Dozen (6 pcs) and P240 for One Dozen (12 pcs):
Sweets for you: Brownies of Mrs. Fields
Sweets for you: Brownies of Mrs. Fields
The brownies for me were a bit too sweet, and this time the taste was simple in a not-so-good way. The taste was highly predictable with no twists and sense of adventure at all. Yes, it was chocolaty, and I appreciate the texture, but the overall taste was something I got tired of already. In short, it was boring.This probably will receive 2 starts out of 5. Uh-oh.

The Price

I honestly think that the prices are very much exaggerated! Check out the cookie nibblers! 6 pieces for whooping P75! That's P12.50 a piece! Considering that the taste isn't so special, the premium placed on these treats seems to be not totally worth it! You may contest (since, again, it's a matter of taste and preference), but I personally believe that the cookies we buy in grocery stores taste way better.

For the muffins, I think that the price is at an "okay level" due to the fact that it's difficult to find these easily on stores. Also, comparing this with that of the coffee shops,  the price would seem to be somehow tame.

Now that I've shared with you my thoughts, I'll conclude this blog post by declaring which of these treats are the loser/s and winner/s. How about you what do you think?

The Losers

  • Cookie Nibblers - taste plain and rather expensive
  • Brownies - too sweet and predictable

The Winner

  • Muffins - priced right, and taste okay

Concourse Level, Powerplant Mall,
Estrella St. cor Rockwell Drive
Poblacion, Makati

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