Delightful SPECULOOS Crunchy Cookie Butter Spread

Here's another quick post on a delightful treat: Speculoos Cookie Butter spread!

Conversation with my Sister

One fine night, my sister came home with something that initially looked like a peanut butter in a glass jar. Being curious and a bit nosy, I asked her what it was. "Speculoos", she said. In my mind I was like "What did she just say?" Since my sister noticed my weird "not-getting-it" expression, she explained that it was the spread that everyone's talking about online. (Wait, how come I didn't know it?). Continuing on, she said that it is a special spread with a taste of both a cookie and a butter infused together. Since I finally understood, I raised the next question, "How much is it?" Then, she said "P500", and I stopped for a while.

Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter FrontSpeculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter Back

That same night, I was able to have a taste of the spread, but before taking it in I said to myself "This should better be worth P500". 

Speculoos: Crunchy Cookie Butter!
Speculoos: Crunchy Cookie Butter!

The Taste

I was surprised by how great it was! It may not be totally worth P500, but it tasted different (unique, even). In fact, I haven't tasted anything like it before. It was sweet (but not too much), crunchy and buttery like a cookie melted in a butter to become a spread. Very interesting!

Trivia: The Famous Belgian Waffle store offers this as a waffle-filling for additional P35 totaling to P65. That gives us a proof that this spread is indeed expensive.

Where to purchase Speculoos Cookie Butter?

From what I heard, you may purchase this delicious and tasty spread in Shortcrust by Peachy Juban  for P450. However, I advise that you contact first the store to verify this, and to check whether there are stocks before you visit the place.
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