Katsu Craze in YABU - The House of Katsu

May 18, 2013 - Just after the first car show (Hot Summer Nights 6) we attended to, we felt all exhausted and hungry! Since I still wasn't able to try Yabu, I suggested to have our dinner there. Good thing everyone agreed to take my suggestion.

The Long Lines

Like I mentioned in my previous blog posts, you will need to wait for at least 10 minutes (on a usual weekend or even during weekdays) before you get to be seated. They will give you a device that will vibrate if the space frees up. Luckily, you can carry this device with you as you walk around the mall to burn time. However, you need to take note that the signal only reaches the places between the SM Department Store and the Food Court. Hence, be sure to mind where you are going, or you might forfeit your spot. 

YABU: The House of Katsu
YABU: The House of Katsu

The Katsu Craze and the Interesting Concept

Generally, I am guessing that this Katsu Craze started when Yabu first opened its branch here in the Philippines. In my case, I developed a liking towards Katsus because there are restaurants around my school that offer these dishes. Anyway, what I find really interesting about Yabu is that they were the ones who pioneered (or the ones who made it mainstream) the grinding of the sesame seeds giving a more personal touch in making your sauce.

Sesame Seeds in YABU the House of Katsu
Grind the sesame seeds! 

The Food

I will no longer keep you waiting. Let's first start with the Fried Salmon A la Carte (P140+4.47%SC):
Fried Salmon Ala Carte of YABU
Fried Salmon Ala Carte of YABU
This a la carte dish features two cuts of lightly fried fresh salmon that perfectly go well with the semi-sweet teryaki sauce. I enjoyed how interesting this dish was because it had a duality of taste - most part of the salmon was cooked while a small portion is a bit raw yet fresh creating a fun adventure for my palate!

The next one will be the Menchi Set (P350+4.47%SC):
Menchi Set of Yabu: the House of Katsu
Menchi Set of Yabu: the House of Katsu
Blended with melted cheese, the menchi-katsu offers a creamy meaty taste with a smooth texture (attributable to the ground meat). It was JD Castillo who ordered this one because he wanted to try something different. Of course he was generous enough to let us taste it. Nat Chan and JD both claim that the taste was something you'll get used to immediately that takes away the excitement. However, for me, since I like cheese very much I was able to enjoy it!

Note: The Katsu Sets include the katsu, unlimited rice, unlimited cabbage, small serving of fruits and miso soup.

Now, this was what I ordered: Rosu Tonkatsu Set (120g) at P355+4.47%SC:
Rosu Tonkatsu Set of YABU
Rosu Tonkatsu Set of YABU
For this dish, what I found excellent was the texture of the katsu which I assume was due to the good technique of frying. In fact, I believe this is something that differentiates YABU from other katsu stores (especially the small ones). For the rice, I opted to have the organic one because I was feeling a little healthy that time, but don't worry you may still revert back to the Japanese rice for your next rice refill in case you change your mind.

Mouthwatering Katsu from YABU!
Mouthwatering Katsu from YABU! 

For Nat Chan's order, here is the Hire Tonkatsu Set (100g) at P330+4.47%SC:
Hire Tonkatsu Set of YABU
Hire Tonkatsu Set of YABU
I'm not yet much of an expert when it comes to the specifics of the dish, so I can't tell the major difference between the Hire and the Rosu especially as far as taste is concerned. Although I was able to note the difference in the texture, I can't really describe how different the two are. Regardless, both of the sets offer the same great taste of awesomeness!

Note: The apparent difference is that the Hire Katsu does not contain any fat while Rosu does.

Alright! That wraps up this blog post! Tell us your favorite dishes here in YABU by commenting below!

Special thanks to my awesome friend Nathaniel Chan for the amazing photos!

Place:  ★★
Price:  ★★(comparing with the Katsu Stores around Taft)
Note about the rating: These scores are based on this experience alone as well as the food that I had during this time. 

Yabu: House of Katsu
2/F SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall Atrium, South Arcade, Pacific Dr
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
Contact No.: (02) 511-7202
Service Charge: 5% before VAT or 4.464% of the price
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  1. Glad you finally got to try Yabu! So far, it's my favorite katsu place, followed by Ma Maison which is not really a katsu-themed resto but also serves great katsu :)

    Anyway, my faves at Yabu are their Menchi, Rosu, Soft-Shell Crab and Kurobuta. Try their appetizers too some time. Love their potato salad and wakame!

    1. Yes, hooray for me! I agree this may be the best katsu place yet, although I'm already good with the katsu places around school.

      Thanks for the recommendations Sumi! I'll definitely try those next time! :)

  2. True Japanese Rosu-Katsu

  3. True Japanese Hire-Katsu


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