GOURMET PALATE'S Affordable Charbroiled Burger in BF Homes

This is the 2nd stop out of 3 restaurants/food places we visited for our first ever food trip in BF Homes. 

After getting a little bit stuffed in Bono Tei, we agreed to enjoy the famous charbroiled burgers of Gourmet's Palate. Prior to visiting the place, we heard that they serve affordable but great-tasting burgers. For that reason, by the time we got there, we became pretty excited. 
Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger in BF Homes
Once you see this sign, you'll know you're not lost!
One confusion I encountered, however, was that I initially thought that the name of the food place was Charbroiled Burger. In truth, the name is actually Gourmet's Palate, but because they are very famous for the said burgers, they highlighted it more in their signage. 
Gourmet Palate's in BF Homes Paranaque
Yes, the restaurant's name is not Charbroiled Burger but Gourmet Palate's

The Place 

Alright! I know that the place doesn't look very much pleasing and inviting, but that's the part of the fun! Plus, this also explains why they can serve dishes that are very affordable. Also, contrary to what you are thinking, the place isn't that bad. It just looked, well, very casual! In fact, the ambiance is quite similar in RAP Steaks and Cake near DLSU in Taft. 

Anyway, since our primary mission was to go after some great food, the appeal of the place didn't become an issue for us. Let me show you the photos I was able to take to give you a glimpse of the place. 

The facade of Gourmet Palate's in BF Homes
The facade of Gourmet Palate's in BF Homes
Note: Seating capacity of the place is for less than 22 people. 

The Food 

We only had appetizers and light meals in Bono Tei, so we immediately felt hungry the moment we arrived at Gourmet Palate's. Troy, then, decided to order some Nachos Loaded (P120) for us. 

Nachos Loaded in Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger
Nachos Loaded in Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger
For a slightly hefty serving, this was good enough for the price. The taste was fine, but it could have been yummier if the nachos were really crispy enough. Nevertheless, we were all able to enjoy it!

Now, I want to share with you a tip for food tripping in this place. You can group yourselves by four (which was what we did) and order four different burgers. With this plan, you'll have the chance to explore more variety at once. 
Food Trip in Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger
Food Trip Tip: Group yourselves by four to explore more burgers!
Here are the four burgers we ordered for our sub-group: (1) Islander, (2) Mushroom Melt, (3) Blue Thunder and (4) Garlic Scream.

Let's first start with the Islander at P95 (which is my personal favorite among the 4 burgers we ordered):
Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger: Islander
Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger: Islander
What I particularly liked about this burger was the moderate level of saltiness (unlike in other burgers), and because of this, I was able to taste the patty better (which was great). Plus, the coleslaw was able to complement the flavor of the patty.

In the following order: Mushroom Melt, Blue Thunder and Garlic Scream
Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger - Mushroom Melt Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger - Blue Thunder Gourmet Palate's Charbroiled Burger - Garlic Scream

In general, I was able to enjoy the adventure of flavors, but these burgers weren't able to beat my expectations, and some were even below. The Mushroom Melt was okay, but my problem with this was that the cheese didn't melt at all, and the burger had a distinct saltiness which I thought was too much. The Garlic Scream also featured a salty taste, but it was somehow mitigated by the taste of garlic. The Blue Thunder was fine with a distinct, yet not too overpowering, taste of blue cheese. Having that said, I among the three other burgers, I prefer the Blue Thunder. 

Suggestion from a friend (Chino Matela): "Try putting shawarma sauce to the burgers" (I believe this will add more flavors and at the same time cushion the overpowering salty taste). 

There you have it - Charbroiled Burger by Gourmet Palate's! I hope you can visit this place when you have the opportunity because it is still worth a shot! 
Food trip buddies in Gourmet Palate's
Food trip buddies in Gourmet Palate's
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 Check out these photos for their menu and prices:
Gourmet Palate (Charbroiled Burgers) in BF Homes MenuGourmet Palate (Charbroiled Burgers) in BF Menu

Note: The rating is solely based on this experience alone as well as this particular branch.

Gourmet's Palate (Charbroiled Burger) - CLOSED
Aguirre Ave., Phase 1 and 3
B.F. Homes, Parañaque
Contact No : (02) 809-4273

Store Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 am (Monday to Sunday)

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