CAFE DE SEOUL in Archer's Place, Taft Avenue

This year's summer is indeed tremendously hot, and because of it, now's the perfect time to enjoy water-related activities and sports. However, since we are "trapped" in school because of a summer term, we have  no choice but to choose alternatives such as drinking cold beverages or eating cool desserts! 

One Friday, we were searching for something cold enough to eat to combat the intense heat. Since we kept on hearing about Cafe De Seoul and its amazing desserts, we decided to give it a try! 

Cafe de Seoul in One Archer's Place
Cafe de Seoul in One Archer's Place

Cafe De Seoul in Archer's Place Taft
Fancy arrangements and interiors in Cafe De Seoul

Cafe de Seoul: spacious, well-lit and cute
Spacious, well-lit, cute - 3 words to describe Cafe de Seoul
Cafe De Seoul in Taft Avenue
Perfect for Studying, Meetings and Etc!

What I noticed about the place was that it was super awesome to the extent that it became a little bit extravagant. Unsurprisingly, all these "premiums" go to the price of the products you purchase!

Well, there's no such thing as free in the world of business right? 

Due to this reason, expect that the prices of the coffee, frappes, desserts and pastries are bloated up, just enough to make your wallet (if not you) cry.

Now, the question on whether it provides value to your money or not depends on your personal preferences. For example, if you are the type of person who enjoys a fancy, well-lit and spacious place, a high-speed internet connection and a unique concept, then you will find the money you'll pay for all worth it. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who primarily goes for the food and/or the drinks, you may not be that willing to purchase something more expensive compare to the average price.

Comfy seats to accompany you in your reviewing sessions! 
Now, I want to share with you something that I got pretty hyped up with. When I first saw the Galaxy Tablets installed on the tables, I became insane for a moment! I couldn't believe at first because it was unusual for me to see something like this (but least, I had something to toy with):

Samsung Galaxy tabs in Cafe De Seoul
Take the boredom away with the installed Samsung galaxy tabs!

After being mesmerized by how everything looked inside especially the gadgets, we asked the barista what the best-selling bing-soo is (Korean version of Halo-Halo), and she recommended the Seoul Bing-Soo. However, we remembered that TJ Palanca was able to try the Green Tea Bing-Soo, and the photo he shared in the Instagram looked really mouthwatering. Hence, we ended up disregarding the recommendation of the barista and ordered the Green Tea Bing-Soo - Eco Size at P200.

Cafe de Seoul: Green Tea Bing-Soo
Green Tea Bing-Soo - Eco Size
As seen in the photo, this heavenly dessert was served in a bowl-like cup, perfect for satisfying the cravings of two persons (even at ECO size). I'm guessing that the BIZ size will be good for 2-3 persons!

Anyway, this bing-soo contains crushed iced (of course), green tea syrup, almonds, red beans, mochi and vanilla ice cream showered with Green Tea powder! I was expecting that the ice cream itself would be green tea flavored, but it wasn't. Regardless, however, it still captured the authentic taste of green tea. With this, we were able to particularly enjoy the dessert because of the great combination of all the ingredients most especially the green tea and red beans. One of the best parts in eating this magnificent dessert was the sweet and soft mochi balls! They add another dimension of excitement that made us go ooh-la-la!

Friendly tip: Be sure to really mix this bing-soo well, or else, the latter part will be distinctively and overwhelmingly sweet. 

For the menu and prices, you may click on the photo to see enlarged version:
Cafe De Seoul Menu and Prices
Cafe De Seoul Menu and Prices

Share your experience by commenting below! Since I haven't tried anything besides the BingSoo, you may recommend as well your favorites!

Café de Seoul (closed)
2/F One Archer's Place
Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

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  1. Visited Cafe De Seoul just recently too, and although I love matcha, I prefer the Seoul Bing-Soo a little over the Green Tea Bing-Soo :) And I agree with you, the food/drinks are expensive if you're just there for them. But for me who loves lounging in cafes, the place + the galaxy tablets make the price tag worth it ^^

    1. Thanks for the comment Sumi! I think I really need to try the Seoul Bing-Soo. The next time I'll visit this place, I'll make sure to check that out.

      No doubt that the cafe is perfect for lounging. :)


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