TORI BOX in Archer's Place, Taft - Add Twist to Your Chix

Here's another one from my Archer's Place food store series! Looking for something to munch, on your way to the next class? Are you searching for some fried chicken pop with a twist? Well, TORI BOX will be there to answer those needs!

To tell you the truth, I was really hesitant to try TORI BOX when it opened a year ago because the sound of artificially flavored chicken does not entice me at all. In fact, when I first tried eating their Karage Pop, I really said that I won't ever go there again to dine. It tasted dry and unhealthy. 

But last term (about 3 weeks ago), my lunch buddies insisted to eat in Tori Box once more. I contested but failed. And so, I was forced to have the dull-cheaply-flavored chicken pops. Knowing that it tasted dry when I first ordered the Karage Pop alone, I decided to pair it up with rice. Also, I chose a mixed flavor of Wasabi and Barbecue for my chicken for a change.

Karage Pop (Double) with Rice at P95:
Karage Pop with Rice of Tori Box
Karage Pop with Rice (Double) P95
As I took a spoonful, I was astonished. I didn't think that I will be able to enjoy that one. And because I didn't believe it at first, I immediately tried it again, and boom! It tasted great! And I think I know what made the difference. It was all due to the fun mixed flavor as well as the rice and the gravy that came along with the order. Elaborating the 3 reasons:

First, I really enjoyed how the Wasabi and Barbecue flavorings went along together since it left me wanting more of the chicken pops! Second, the rice was able to balance the dryness of the chicken as well as the overpowering taste of artificial flavoring. Third, the gravy added a new dimension to the taste, mitigating the "sawa-factor".  These three were able to make this dining experience a whole lot better than my previous one!

However, despite the things mentioned above, nothing changes the fact that the dish was really unhealthy and unnatural.This is why, even if I enjoyed this particular experience, I still told myself to limit the times that we eat here.

Anyway before I end my post, let me share with you a snapshot of more offerings in Tori Box, Karage Pop (Single) with Mojos at P85:
Karage Pop with Mojos of Tori Box
Karage Pop with Mojos (Single) P85
 If you want a closer look, then here it is!
Karage Pop of Tori Box near DLSU, Taft
A close up view of the Karage Pop (Chicken)

This one is good for those who want to eat as they go. It really is convenient for students to have this goody at hand as they proceed to their class - saves them time.

Anyway, this ends my blog post. Hope you'll drop some comments! Oh, and feel free to click like above this post. *wink*

2nd Flr. Archer's Place
Taft Avenue, Manila

There is also a new branch in Agno St. 

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