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Quick Post: Burgers of the BIG DADDY in Archer's Place

Just a quick post on the Big Daddy in Archer's Place! 

To tell you the truth, I was really reluctant to try Big Daddy's because the place doesn't look very inviting. And the photos of the food posted on the glass aren't that appealing. But, I don't know what happened because I ended up dining here for lunch. Amazing, huh? 

Big Daddy's in Archer's Place
Since it's summer, I'm also brushing up slightly my photoshop skills. And so, I tried experimenting a little. The photo above is a product of it. Below, on the other hand, is the original photo showing the Big Daddy's in Archer's Place.
Burger, Steak and Wings in Big Daddy's
Burger, Steak and Wings in Big Daddy's
So, anyway, I won't keep you hanging for too long and just share with you what I ordered which was the Angus Beef Burger (P100):
Angus Beef Burger of Big Daddy's
Angus Beef Burger at P100
Alright, I know it doesn't look really presentable in the photo. But at least you didn't have to deal with it in reality. *haha* Well, actually, the taste of the patty wasn't that bad, in fact I enjoyed it. What really made the entire thing a bit dull is the presentation as well as the lack of veggies. And the condiments also failed to compensate for it. This is why, I may be more reluctant to try the burgers from Big Daddy's. But I sure do hope that the other dishes would look more dashing than what I had!

How about you? Have you tried Big Daddy's already? What can you recommend?

2/F Archer's Place
Taft Avenue, Manila

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  1. Just tried the fries and milkshake last time. Will try the burger next. :) However, yours look bare. I wonder why.

  2. Oh, maybe I just got unfortunate that time. But, yes, I heard that the fries were great! Perhaps, I'll give it a try next time as well as the milkshake. Haha!

  3. saw this but havn't tried it! We should try it next time since its so near home. =)but, our problem in this area the parking

    1. Yup, parking is always an issue. Haha! But, hopefully you'll be able to try this one, and prove that I just got unlucky with my order. :)

  4. I'm not so big on burgers, and more so if i'll be getting something like this >.< It doesn't look like it's worth P100 :( Anyway, when I first saw your post, I thought "may burgers na din ang Big Daddy's?" Then I realized this is not the same as Big Daddy's Chicken XD

    PS: Do you have any resto recommendation in Taft? I might go on a food trip around DLSU next week :D

    1. Yup, I was really disappointed with how it appeared. :)

      As for restos in Taft, I have the top 2 recommended which are the Exile on Main St. and Bagnet 8065. :)

      You may browse more restaurants in Taft using this link:

    2. Thanks for the reco! Can't wait to finally go back to Taft after more than a year! XD

    3. No problem Sumi! You'll surely enjoy the variety of restos in Taft now. :)


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