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Seafood Jambalaya by Gumbo

Yesterday (April 20, 2013), the 12th Most Awesome Publicity Team of the Young Economists' Convention celebrated the successful official completion of the 12th YEC in Gumbo, 3/F Midtown Wing of Robinsons Place Ermita. And this time, I did not fail to bring my DLSR with me. Hooray!

Yes, I know that I promised them Yakimix in my previous post. But, my coupons are not valid during weekends, so my mom suggested that she'll pay for our lunch in exchange of the 4 coupons of Yakimix with me. Thinking that it was a great bargain, I accepted. And, yes, I believe it was indeed an awesome bargain!

Anyway, while I was waiting for my team, I decided to order first some drinks. We usually order Peach Bellini, but I decided to try something new which was the O'Lychee Pitcher at P295(+10% SC) (Good for 4-6). 
O'Lychee Pitcher by Gumbo
O'Lychee Pitcher by Gumbo
Actually, I wasn't supposed to order anything before anyone from the team arrives. But then the waiters seemed to be eager to take my order (probably since they wanted to hasten the process of freeing up seats for other customers). And so, I granted them their wish.

As for the taste, well, let's just say that I liked Peach Bellini better. Why? It was not that bad, actually. I am not just fond of drinks that are distinctly sour. 

Since it was 30 minutes past 12nn, I was getting hungry already. And so, I decided to order a salad as a starter: Four Seasons Salad, Petite at P395(+10% SC)
Four Seasons Salad, Petite
Four Seasons Salad, Petite
When this salad was served, Gela arrived. I asked her to try the drink first, and she also noted that it was really sour. Anyway, for the salad, it was awesome since it was not too heavy and the flavors of the fruits and the vinaigrette jived. After about 5-10 minutes, Tricia and Jane arrived and the Publicity Team was now complete! Here's a snapshot of us:
12th Most Awesome Publicity Team YEC
The Most Awesome Publicity Team of the 12th Commission
Now that we are complete, we officially started the feast! For the first main dish, we had Baked Lasagna, Petite at P325(+10% SC)
Baked Lasagna of Gumbo
Baked Lasagna of Gumbo

I will no longer dwell on the specifics of this dish because I already described how great this was in my first Gumbo post. And again, it didn't disappoint me - that's consistency! 

For the next dish, we had a Seafood Jambalaya, Petite at P425(+10% SC)
Seafood Jambalaya by Gumbo
Ahhhhh, Seafood Jambalaya
See how amazing and appetizing it looks in the photo, what more when you actually taste it? Even if I was able to have this dish more than thrice already, this one was particularly special. I dunno, but I really enjoyed this one more than ever! 

As for the last main dish, we had a Grilled Pork Chops, Petite at P395(+10% SC)
Grilled Pork Chops Gumbo
Grilled Pork Chops: Delectable and Yummy
This is something that I haven't tried in Gumbo, since I was often reluctant to order it. Why? I always say to myself, "What will be something special about it? It's just a mere pork chop that is grilled?" But, since Gela isn't allowed to have chicken or Dory fish, I was given the opportunity to order this dish (and of course, I was feeling adventurous once more, I made up my mind to have this for lunch). And, ta da! This dish tasted awesome and surpassed my expectation! Although the tenderness of the meat can still be improved, the taste was juicy and flavorful! And since I was caught off guard by this dish, it became the 2nd highlight of the lunch (the first one was the jambalaya)! 

As for the two side dishes, I chose shredded corn and french fries. What I like to highlight is the fries because I enjoyed how the natural spices added flavor to them. Very much interesting!

Now, I wasn't supposed to order some desserts since I felt that we were all full. But, one staff approached me and said that they were having a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for their desserts. And I would say that their promo was effective because this ended up on our table: Mississippi Mud Pie at P275(+10% SC)
Mississippi Mud Pie of Gumbo
Mississippi Mud Pie: Oozing with Delight
Everyone enjoyed how delightful this dessert was. But for me, I still believe that it wasn't the best that I ever had. In fact, I will recommend cheesecake rather than this one. No, don't get me wrong. It was enjoyable like I said, but the ice cream lacked a little of richness both in flavor and texture. This is why, if you are looking for an almost perfect dessert, choose their cheesecake instead. We no longer can't take another dessert since we were REALLY full, so I put the second free one on hold . 

And since, the lunch was over, I bid good bye to my very awesome publicity team! I felt really fulfilled because my responsibilities as the Chief Publicity Officer are finally over. And I believe that I was able to bring justice to that position and deliver very well. So, in other words it was a MISSION successfully ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks guys for making that happen!

Oh wait ,what happened to the dessert?
Since I felt that I got most out of the bargain my mom and I had,  I decided to offer her this last dessert:

Hot Chocolate Cake ala Mode at P275(+10% SC)
Hot Chocolate Cake ala Mode
Hot Chocolate Cake ala Mode
But of course, I also tasted a small portion of this lovely hot chocolate cake (just for the sake of having some opinion on this dessert). So here it goes: hmmmmm, just like the earlier dessert this wasn't the best chocolate cake ala mode that I ever tasted. In fact, its somehow tasted like the Choco Slice of Red Ribbon. Nevertheless, it was good enough to make us feel delighted. 

Anyway, that one ends my post! Thank you mom for doing the exchange! 

GUMBO, A Taste of New Orleans
3/F Robinsons Place Manila Midtown
Adriatico St. cor Pedro Gil Ermita, Manila

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