Chicken and Desserts in GRAVY FIX, Burgundy Towers, Taft Avenue

April 29, 2013 - This day officially marked the start of our summer classes, and as part of our flowchart, we were required to take 2 subjects. Hence, to start the short term right, we decided to kick it off by indulging ourselves with great food! And so for lunch, we dined in Bagnet 8065. However, we felt that we needed to have some desserts, so we planned to visit Exile for an Y Tu Mama Brownie.  Unfortunately, when we got there, it was closed (probably because it was summer, and they weren't expecting much demand). This is why we ended up in Gravy Fix (which is actually affiliated with Flaming Wings):
Gravy Fix in Burgundy Transpacific Place, Taft
Gravy Fix in Burgundy Transpacific Place, Taft
After being seated, we immediately chose our desserts. And of course, we didn't waste the opportunity to have this famous Wicked Oreos (P80):
Famous Wicked Oreos in Gravy Fix
Famous Wicked Oreos in Gravy Fix at P80
After the wicked oreas were served up, I grabbed a quick shot, and we immediately helped ourselves with the sensational dessert! Of course it tasted like Oreo but the pastry-like coating added an exciting twist to the classic taste we are all acquainted with. Plus the ice cream added another dimension to the overall flavor. This is definitely a must-try!

However, considering that we were already familiar with the Wicked Oreos way before, we agreed to order a second dessert, which was the Smores Sundae at P95, to try something new.
Smores Sundae in Gravy Fix
Smores Sundae in Gravy Fix at P95
Frankly speaking, we had something else in mind when we decided to order this one. Hence, we were disappointed to some extent when we saw how it looked. Nevertheless, we enjoyed this Smores Sundae despite its simplicity and the fact that it was just a sundae mixed with crushed graham and topped with a toasted marshmallow. With that, I realized how great it was when you gently mix crushed graham with ice cream. Graham lovers will surely find this dessert highly likable! 

Here's a closer look of the Smores Sundae:
Smores Sundae in Gravy Fix
Up close: Smores Sundae
Even if it was considerably okay, this Smores Sundae failed to beat the Wicked Oreos. Needless to say, I still recommend the latter above any other desserts here in Gravy Fix. C'mon you should try it out! 

Updated: May 27, 2013

Today, we were able to try out the Boneless Chicken Meal (at P130)!
Boneless Chicken Meal in Gravy Fix at P130
Boneless Chicken Meal in Gravy Fix at P130
Inclusive of about 5 pieces of boneless chicken, gravy sauce, rice, small serving of veggies and drink (choice of blue lemonade, iced tea or bottled water), this dish is a good way to go. Although the taste is simple and the involved cooking method is just basic, this Chicken Meal is nice enough to satisfy your hunger. What makes this a little special is the gravy sauce (after all, the place is named "Gravy Fix" which may mean that the gravy sauce fixes the ordinary taste of fried chicken). Check out the menu below to have an idea of the interesting gravy sauces. 

Note: Gravy is unlimited, and you may change it to a different one (e.g. from House Gravy to Cajun to Mushroom Duet to whatever in the list).

Click the following thumbnails for the menu of Gravy Fix:

 Gravy Fix Menu 2

1/F Burgundy Transpacific Place
2444-A Taft Avenue, Metro Manila

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