Beat the Heat with Quenchers of HAPPY LEMON in Robinson's Place Ermita

April 25, 2013 - Today I was able to bond with two of my cousins! And the day went great since we had a wonderful lunch in T.G.I. Friday's. But because we didn't want to go home after lunch, we decided to chill in Happy Lemon first where we played Orbit1 and Fruit Ninja (for about 1.5 hours). Pure awesomeness!
Happy Lemon in Robinsons Place Midtown Wing
Happy Lemon in Robinsons Place Midtown Wing
Here's a photo of my cousins browsing through the menu.
Ordering in Happy Lemon
Ordering in Happy Lemon
While waiting, I decided to take some snapshots, and I ended up capturing this one:
Happy Lemon: Happy Everyday!
Happy Lemon: Happy Everyday!
Isn't it great to be everyday happy? So why not make it a personal motto? 

Again, here are additional shots focusing on the menu:
Happy Lemon Menu
Happy Lemon Menu
Happy Lemon in Robinsons Place Manila
Happy Lemon in Robinsons Place Manila

In case you don't have any idea on what to order, you may try having one of the Top 10 drinks:
Top 10 of Happy Lemon
Top 10 of Happy Lemon
As soon as my cousins had their orders taken, I gave mine. And after 3 minutes, my glorious name was called, and all the orders were served up! Now that was fast!

These were the drinks we chose:
  • Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, Large (P100) - Mine
  • Milk Tea with Black Pearl Sago, Large (P85) - Tricia's
  • Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies & Cream (P100) - Patrick's
Famous Milk Tea of Happy Lemon
The famous Milk Tea with Black Pear Sago of Happy Lemon! 
What I had was the famous Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese valued at P100 for Large:
Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese
Mine: Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese
As expected, the taste was really awesome and the texture was smooth. And of course, the rock salt and cheese on top were fabulous adding more adventure to the amazing heat-quencher! 

What I like the most about this drink was the perfect blend of all the ingredients, making every sip full of enjoyment! On the other, what I didn't like much were the huge cubes (or whatever shape those were) of ice. They somehow deprived me of some additional goodness (because the huge ice cubes took up a lot of space). Anyway, it's pretty normal because all the Milk Tea stores do that. Regardless, if only they made those ice finer, perhaps I will be a lot happier.

Anyway, here is a photo of my cousins obviously enjoying their drinks too!
My Cousins with their drinks in Happy Lemon
My Cousins with their drinks in Happy Lemon
And here's a photo of me with my uber awesome Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese!
Renz Cheng and Happy Lemon
With my drink: Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese!
I don't have a lot to say actually. All I want is to share the photos with you as well as the awesome experience I had with my cousins and with the cool delicious drinks we had!

2/F Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Ermita
Adriatico St. cor Pedro Gil Ermita, Manila

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  1. Cocoa with RSC was the first drink I got to try from Happy Lemon. While I really liked it, I felt that their Green Tea with RSC is better especially if you're a tea drinker :)

    Anyway, Dakasi's milk teas are good too, but they're more on the creamy side.

    The Purple Doll

  2. I was able to try the Green Tea actually (and I didn't know that the abbrebiation is RSC) Haha! And it was good. The problem however was that it made my stomach a little acidic. That's why I tried something else during time.

    Thanks Sumi!

  3. I'm a huge Happy Lemon fanatic for more than a year now. I have Cocoa RSC at least once a week. :P

    1. Yes, it really was so refreshing and good! I actually prefer it than the Green Tea RSC. :)


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