Pa-burger ka naman: NOMI BURGER and Shakes near DLSU

Dear blog readers and friends,
Nomi Burger and Shakes near Agno
Nomi Burger and Shakes near Agno
I'm writing this blog post for two main reasons. First one is to "immortalize" my thank you and Happy Birthday to Mika for treating us in Nomi. Second is, well, to share our experience to you!
NOMI Burger near Agno and DLSU
Craving for some burger? Well, Nomi may satisfy that craving!

A Little Bit of History

I've been studying in Taft for almost 4 years now, and this means that I already tried a lot of hot spots, restaurants and food places nearby. Now, I heard about NOMI burger when I was still a frosh, but if I can remember it accurately, we tried eating out in this place when we were sophomores. And before, Nomi was not located near Agno but instead near Enrique Razon Sports Complex (I honestly forgot the name of that place, but anyway it was now made into Green Court Parking where Chicboy and Starbucks are located). Today, Nomi Burger can be found near Agno or near Gokongwei Building a.k.a. Planet Gox.

Mika and Friends in Nomi Burger

March 26, 2013 - This is our "last day" before the Holy Week Vacation started. And also, this is the day when Mika, our block mate, decided to generously treat us, as an early birthday "pig-out"!

Block 12 and Friends in Nomi Burger
Block 12 and Friends in Nomi Burger
Photo source: Mika A.
Adopted block mate Keshia and Block mate JD
Since I was the one taking the photos, I'm not included in any. #awwwww

The Food

The part we all love - food! We were all hungry during that time, and we were all after some comfort food because we just had our quiz that morning. #drainedmuch

Before anything else, it's just proper to have some coolers! Other than burgers, Nomi is also famous for their creative and fun-tasting shakes and smoothies. These goodies ranges from P65-75 for regular size and P75-90 for large depending on the variety you choose. They have the Coco-Series, Aloe-Series and somewhere-in-between series.

Banana Coco Smoothie of Nomi Burger
Banana Coco Smoothie
Although I wasn't the one who ordered this drink, I already tasted this long before. And it's good but a bit heavy. The taste of banana is distinct and it greatly fuses with the coconut milk.

This is what I had, Watermelon Aloe Shake:
Watermelon Aloe Shake in Nomi Burger
Cool down: Watermelon Aloe Shake
Now for me, this one was all great! The taste of watermelon was so refreshing and effective in battling the summer heat! Plus, the aloe jelly at the bottom added some adventure as I took a sip!

C'mon let us head for the real thing! I'm going to show you this one first, Buffalo Chicken Burger (which most of my friends ordered):

Note: Burgers range from P105-145 which already include 8oz of iced tea and a handful of fries.

Buffalo Chicken Burger of Nomi
Buffalo Chicken Burger of Nomi Burger and Shakes
Most of the burgers in Taft are made of beef (e.g. Army Navy, BBB, Zark's, Burger King, etc). So, if you are already tired of the beefy taste, Nomi will be there to save the day! Plus, this Buffalo Chicken Burger is something Nomi is known for! What makes this special for me is the smokey BBQ sauce that comes along with it balanced with some taste of greens. Awesome dish!
Nomi Buffalo Chicken Burger
Up Close: Buffalo Chicken Burger
The Unagi Rice Burger (P145) inclusive of free iced tea:
The famous Nomi's Rice Burger - Unagi
Nomi's Unagi Rice Burger
The Unagi Rice Burger is the one of the 2 rice burgers available in Nomi (the other one is Gyudon Rice Burger). It features fresh great taste coming from the unagi, kani, Japanese Mayo, nori and mangoes! This is probably the best burger I tasted around Taft! This is why I chose Nomi Burger as my top pick under Best Burger Division. Wait, how about you? What's your top pick? Share it by voting here: Your Top Picks for Taft Restaurants and Food Places

Let's proceed to what I ordered, and this is the first time that I will be able to try this one, Nomi Burger Steak (P90 w/o rice, P105 w/rice):
Nomi Burger Steak
Nomi Burger Steak with overly distinct flavor
Because Keshia ordered Burger Steak, I decided to do the same. She heard that Nomi's Burger Steak tastes great as well, and so I wanted to confirm that one. Now the moment of truth. When, I took a bite, I slightly got disappointed because it was not the taste I had in mind. But after eating more and more of it, it tasted fine (not great, nor awesome). Frankly, I like the taste of Jollibee's burger steak better. I let my friends  taste this dish as well, but their reaction was contrary to mine, claiming that they like the taste!

Since we really don't know which is which, I'll let you decide! So, be sure to try this out on your next visit and tell me how it went.

Rock and Roll!

One of the most anticipated moments is when the blenders do the rock n roll. You may be annoyed by the noise, but you may eventually get used to it and learn to ignore it. Unfortunately, I still find it very distracting and annoying up until now. 

There you have it! And I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

PS: This is my 100th blog post! Hooray! Also, thank you JD for making me use your phone to take photos and sending the photos.

Nomi Burger
810 Castro st. Cor. Fidel Reyes St. , 1004 Malate, Philippines
Near Agno and De La Salle University, Taft Avenue, Manila
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  1. parang ang yummy nung buffalo chicken burger!

    1. Well, it is! Have you dropped by Agno near DLSU-M before? :)
      There are a lot of great food around and nearby.

  2. I just read this! I love your pictures! <3 And you're welcome ;)


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