G.H. Cretors Popped Corn Chicago Mix from S&R

Good evening! 
I want to share with you something that I was munching on a while ago. This was no other than the pop (or popped) corn of G.H. Cretors.
G.H. Cretors Popped Corn
G.H. Cretors Popped Corn bought from S&R

We bought this one in S&R for Php360 but as of April 13, 2013 the price is at P399.95. And I believe that they are only selling there the Chicago Mix which is a mix of rich cheddar cheese corn and buttery caramel corn. When we purchased this one, I got really excited because I really love to eat popcorn.

And this is why I felt so delighted when I opened it up. This is how it looks like:
Chicago Mix: Cheddar and Caramel
Chicago Mix: Cheddar and Caramel
After I opened it, I got somewhat disappointed because it seemed like it was all filled up with Cheddar Cheese flavored popcorn. That was before I saw the "friendly advice" written on the wrapper saying: "Shake first because the Caramel Corn may settle". #anokangayon

Now, regarding the taste, I really enjoyed the Cheddar Cheese for a few pieces, but after tasting a number of it, I suddenly realized that it was becoming too salty. (And I still like the cheddar taste of Smartchoice Popcorn, which I already blogged about last time). But I guess that's why they opted to partner it with the sweet Caramel Corn - to balance the saltiness. So, when I tried to eat them paired up together, it really tasted better and more balanced. I guess that's how you really eat this brand of popcorn.

But, I think I will still prefer Chef Tony's popcorn than this one. *wink wink*

Trivia: Cretors was the one who invented the first patented steam-driven popcorn machine that popped corn in oil. Interesting, huh? 

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  1. Was looking for this in S&R yesterday but I think it's out of stock :( I love chef tony's too. IMO Garrett's Popcorn has the best chicago mix popcorn.

    1. Yup probably they had a sale for that one. But, Hopefully they will stock more of it soon. Ooh, Garrett Popcorn, I should try that one too. :))


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