Starting the Day Right with Antonio's Breakfast in Tagaytay

Since we (meaning everyone in the family) were feeling a bit uptight during those times, we have decided to escape for a while. So, my mom planned (and said we should mark our calendars/planners) a Tagaytay trip for the entire family. I was really excited for two reasons. First was that I could breathe for a while and forget about school. Second, I got to try our new DSLR!

Let me first share with you some photos of the place, since it was really nice.

Antonio's Breakfast in Tagaytay
The Beauty of Antonio's Breakfast in Tagaytay

Weird yet Adorable Plant
Weird yet adorable plant

More nature photos!

This one is simple but really beautiful!
Actually, we spent up about one (1) hour just walking around and enjoying the cool breeze and the scenery. In fact, when we were there, it was as if I was in a trance, because I was really captivated by nature's beauty, driving my full attention away from "problems" and all those shiz. Yeah, it was too "hypnotizing" that I didn't even notice the time.

The Breakfast

So, anyway let's now proceed with what you love - the food. The first one up is a famous beverage in Antonio's Breakfast, the Hot Chocolate (P70):
Hot Chocolate by Antonio's
Genuine Hot Chocolate by Antonio's
At first, I was doubtful about this beverage because I found nothing special about it. But I judged a book by its cover that led me to a wrong impression. I took a sip, and suddenly felt like having a taste of heaven (well, probably this was because of my love of chocolates). The taste of cocoa was pretty distinct and the mild sweetness playfully blends with it. Grab a cup, and it will surely warm your heart for the entire day! Because it did for me.

The next one was an appetizer which was Fresh Fruit Bowl Salad w/ Citrus Mint Syrup (P385):
Fresh Fruit Bowl Salad w/ Citrus Mint Syrup
Fresh Fruit Bowl Salad w/ Citrus Mint Syrup
This salad was great! And the fruit selection was amazing (there were apples, dragon fruit, orange, pineapple and more), I loved everything in it, not to mention how you can practically taste the freshness of the ingredients. And you know what's the best part? Well, it was a healthy dish!

Now, let's proceed with the main dishes! This one is Beef Tapa and Eggs (P400) - I ordered this one.
Beef Tapa and Eggs
Beef Tapa and Eggs
Okay, I wasn't actually disappointed, but I got sad with this because the taste was not what I expected. This dish features a salty tender taste of beef tapa. And I am used to having the sweet style "version" of it. But don't worry, those who are fond of salty dishes will surely enjoy this one! Oh, by the way, they always use 2 eggs for every dish just so you know. *wink*

Okay, this one is Homemade Chorizo and Eggs (P390):
Homemade Chorizo and Eggs
Homemade Chorizo and Eggs
My brother ordered this one up, but I got the chance to have a taste of it. My impression? Almost similar to that of the Beef Tapa. Again, I was expecting for something a little bit sweeter but it turned out to be even saltier than the earlier dish. Well, I'm not saying that it was not great because the presentation and texture of the meat was really great! So, for those who have sweet-tooth you may not enjoy it much. If you don't well you may possibly love it! :)

Now, for my ultimate favorite, Fresh Corned Beef and Eggs (P400)!
Fresh Corned Beef and Eggs
Fresh Corned Beef and Eggs
Let me say that this one really tricked me up! The reason why I disregarded this when choosing my main dish was that I was thinking that this was just similar to a canned corned beef.  Turned out, it wasn't! And in fact, it was the best I've tasted so far there. The meat was juicy and really tasty, and I sulked up because I can't have more of it because it was my mom's dish! (And so I promise to be back for this awesome dish!)

Meal's Over!

Of course there are some other dishes we ordered, but since I wasn't able to exactly remember the taste, I decided not to include them.

Okay before I end this up, I want to share with you one thing that I was able to take note of -- the price. Almost every dish is priced unusually higher, and for me, the great experience was not able to fully compensate for the entire sum we've paid. This is why I've rated the Value for Money 3 out 5 stars. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it!

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed reading through this blog post! You may also check out what we had for lunch during the same day: Lunch Buffet in Café on the Ridge, Tagaytay

In case you want to try it out:

How to Get to Antonio's Breakfast?
Antonio's Breakfast Map
Antonio's Breakfast Map
Source: Antonio's Website
Want help in getting directions? You may want to check this one out

RATING OVERVIEW - Antonio's Breakfast
Value for Money:  ★★

Antonio's Breakfast
Purok 138 Barangay Neogan Tagaytay City

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  1. Awesome photos, Mr. Renz!

  2. Nice article. I was directed here because Antonio's was mentioned (yahoo news) as one of the Top Restaurant in Asia.

    Keep writing. You are now popular. :)

    1. Thanks J. Kulisap! Haha! I know I still have a lot to learn in the world of blogging, and thanks for this comment it somehow boosted me up. :)


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