Renz Cheng Turning 21: A Warm Thanks to You!

Blowing the simple Ultimate Chocolate Cake!

Good evening guys! I'm trying to really make this blog post really quick so I can publish this before my birthday ends.

First off, I want to give my warm thanks to all of you who gave effort in posting a greeting on my Facebook wall. I really appreciate them, and I'm so glad that it became a way for us to somehow get a brief catch up. Anyway, I feel that I owe this post to you. So, here it goes!

I'll let the photos do the more of the "talking and sharing":

Basket of Mojo's by Shakey's
Basket of Mojo's by Shakey's
Pad Thai
Pad Thai! 
Oh, I thought I don't like much of Thai Food (because of being too spicy at times). But, here I go again making wrong assumptions! This Pad Thai was very much lovely! And, I can't wait to try other dishes as well, to prove that my initial assumption was incorrect. #thaifood
Manager's Choice Pizza of Shakey's
Manager's Choice Pizza of Shakey's 

I actually told my parents that I don't want something extravagant for my birthday, and that all I want is call for some delivery and have a simple celebration at home. Lucky for me, it worked out pretty well! And in fact, I really had a blast! Being with my family was surely enough to make me oh-so-happy!
A simple celebration!
Today, I just realized that we don't need to spend outrageously during our birthdays. Simple celebrations will do... balloons, food, music -- these are just add-ons. The main deal is being with the people who are special to you!

Let me have this moment to thank my parents for being so supportive and for always being there for us! To my mom and dad: I love you guys! 
With my so supportive and loving parents!
Since I'm already 21, I really want to act like my age - meaning more mature than usual. So with that, here are my plans for the next 365.25 days! And I'm saying this publicly so that I will really be motivated to make them happen! Also, when we bump with each other, you can check on whether I already fulfilled some of these:
  • Finish the Learn-It-Yourself Spanish Book up to the Intermediate Level - Half-way through the Beginner Level
  • Learn Basic Photography and learn more about compositions - Pending
  • Be an empowered officer in the School of Economics Government by making progress not excuses - Currently not being accomplished
  • Accomplish my duties and responsibilities as the CPO (Chief Publicity Officer), meaning despite MOD I should make the deadlines and make no excuses. (God, I need you to help me on this one!). - Mission Accomplished
  • Write at least 30 more blog posts - 5 out of 30 as of March 14, 2013
  • Enjoy life and be happier despite all the challenges! - On-going progress
  • Finish the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Pending
  • Make a positive impact to other people! (I don't know how I will go about this, but little steps will do) - Somehow accomplished! 
  • Further improve my communication skills! - On-going progress
So there you go! I hope I got everything covered, but in case I forgot some, I may add them up here. 

Again, thanks for making this day a very special day for me! Cheers for a great 2013! :)

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  1. Glad you had a great time! :) Where's that Pad Thai from? I love Thai food kasi. :)

    1. My dad said that he got the Pad Thai from Manila Polo Club. That's great! Actually, I'm fond of the Thai culture, and I'm slowly appreciating the food. :)

  2. i want that too! ill try to list down my fave delivery stuff and do the same thing on my birthday :)

    1. It is really nice to do this once in a while, plus we'll be able to (usually) save up if we celebrate like this. :)


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