Fabulous Dining Experience at Pepe's Restaurant - Bacolod

On our fourth day in Bacolod, we decided to have a mini food trip! And we were able to try a lot during that day (in case you are curious, most of them are already blogged here). The highlight for that day was when we ate at Pepe's Restaurant for dinner. Why? Well, read on! *smiles*
Pepe's Restaurant and Bar in Bacolod
Pepe's Restaurant and Bar in Bacolod
At first, we were very reluctant to try the place because some of our friends heard that it is a fine dining restaurant (and thus, higher prices). This was despite all the positive reviews we keep on hearing about the place. Luckily, one of our friends there in Bacolod was able to make it clear that it wasn't, and that the prices were rather reasonable. And hence, we took it as a sign for us to give it a go!

The Place

I just want to briefly share that I appreciated the place because of the cozy ambiance. Also, I found it really suitable for some family or friendly get-together. And I guess it will pass as a place for your dinner dates (considering that your wallet won't suffer much). *wink*

The Food

Here are some of the fabulous dishes we had:

Appetizer: Cheese Sticks (P99)
Pepe's Cheese Sticks
Can you believe it? We had this great starter for only P99! And no, this was not one of those that sacrifice food quality just to lower costs, because the cheese sticks were simply amazing! And the taste was further accentuated by the tasty dip (which unfortunately wasn't enough for all the cheese sticks). *awwww*

Spaghetti Carbonara (P164):
Pepe's creamy Spaghetti Carbonara
Pepe's creamy Spaghetti Carbonara
This one was also great! It had a buttery creamy texture that left a good impression. Although this was not the best I've had yet, I enjoyed taking a mouthful. And by the way, this was not really something that I ordered up myself. But since that friend was so generous, he allowed me to take a "forkful". 

Grilled Spareribs (P159):
Pepe's Affordable yet Delicious Grilled Spareribs!
Pepe's Grilled Spareribs!

Now, this perhaps is something most of you will crave for - Grilled Spareribs! And boy, it sure was mouthwatering! The smoked-barbecue taste was superb! And the texture of the meat was top-notch! You'll surely enjoy the teasing sweet and spicy flavors of this great dish! 

My favorite:  Pesto-Crusted Chicken Breast (Signature Dish) @ P179
Pepe's Pesto-Crusted Chicken
Pepe's Pesto-Crusted Chicken
This is, by far, my favorite dish for the night that really made everything so memorable. The taste was distinctly delightful. And the presentation was pretty neat! The mango bits were great additions because they balanced almost perfectly the playful mix of flavors. So, this is a must-try for all because every peso will be worth it! 

There you have it - Pepe's Restaurant! And I'm sure, by now, you know how amazing our dining experience was here. So, if you'll have the chance to visit the place - by all means do it! 

Now, if you have tried this place out, maybe you can share with us your experience. :)

Pepe's Restaurant
Lacson Street, Bacolod City
(034) 433 2905

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  1. Wow! I want to experience to dine-in on that restaurant but it is too far from me. I wish I can travel in Bacolod and this will be my first route. This could be one of the best restaurants in the Philippines. Thanks.

  2. Hahaha! Don't worry, you'll be able to visit this soon! And when you do, you'll really enjoy a lot of great food in Bacolod! :)

    Thanks for the comment nehvabby!

  3. This is so cool Renz! I hope you keep up the good work.

    PS. Your greatest admirer

    1. Haha! Thank you so much for that! It surely lifted me up. ;)


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