Great Big Pizzas in Greenoz Pizzaria Bacolod

This blog post should have been written a couple of months back, since this is part of my Bacolod Travel and Food Guide (read more). Anyway, continuing from the last post within the series, this happened during our 5th day in Bacolod which was also the day we said goodbye to the wonderful place.

Greenoz Pizzaria in Bacolod
You'll easily find Greenoz Pizzaria just look for something like this!
Before we headed to the airport, our newly-known friends (our co-organizers for the 12th Young Economists’ Visayas Regional Convention) suggested that we try the famous pizzeria in Bacolod, the Greenoz Pizzaria. Wonder why it is famous? Well, they serve gigantic pizzas (much bigger than what Yellow Cab can offer)!

So we ended up here:
Greenoz Pizzaria in Bacolod
Home of the Big Pizzas in Bacolod!
Apparently, Greenoz Pizzaria is not as cozy as it can be because it features the kubo-type of place. Meaning, you’ll be able to feel the Bacolod heat during the entire day, which wasn't as bad.

We practically waited for about 25 minutes (or even more) for the pizza. Good thing some of my friends decided to order up something else other than pizza. And goodness! You will be amazed what else they have there. Here are the dishes they ordered up:

Chili Wings (P100):
Chili Wings of Greenoz Pizzaria
Chili Wings of Greenoz Pizzaria
Shrimp Tempura – 6 pieces (P120):
Shrimp Tempura of Greenoz Pizzaria
Shrimp Tempura of Greenoz Pizzaria
It was really hilarious because in the menu, this dish is placed under the category of Italian Food. Can someone explain me how possible it is to be classified as such? *haha!* But, anyway, it really cracked me up and made my day!

As for the taste, both dishes tasted good yet plain. So, one thing's for sure, they really did great a job choosing to specialize in pizzas, and branding it as a pizzeria. *wink wink*

Okay, just before we move on to the big thing, let me first share with you their menu:

Greenoz Pizzaria Pizza Menu
Pizza Menu of Greenoz Pizzaria
Greenoz Pizzaria Menu
Other Variety. Just click on the photo to enlarge.
Relatively, the prices are pretty much cheaper. So, you would really maximize your money’s worth here.

Okay now, let’s check out the progress with our pizza:
Actually this is the other pizza (smaller) we ordered
It was nice that they included a glass window. At least they can be transparent as to how they bake their pizzas. Plus, you will be more complacent about the sanitation, and you can check whether you’ll end up eating something not exactly part of the recipe.

Now, some moment of silence for the BIG pizza! Here it is! Fresh from the oven!
Fresh Greenoz Pizza
Greenoz Pizza fresh from the oven!
I was really amazed at the sheer size of the pizza, although I know in Manila we can order up something similar in size. Anyway, regardless of how hungry we were during that time, we still had plenty of slices left! Amazing!

Greenoz Pizza
Pizza on the table! Dig in!
As for the taste, it was great but not extraordinarily great. And I say that there are still better-tasting pizzas out there. But, you know what’s weird? The moment we left Bacolod, I suddenly craved for THEIR pizza. So, I guess there was some magic involved!

Okay, I'll end the post here! Just remember to try this out when you travel to Bacolod! :)

Greeno’z Pizzaria
Location: Blk. 3 Lot 2Green Plain Subdivision, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Contact No.: (034) 434 4294
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  1. Planning to go back to Bacolod with friends. Last time we stayed for less than 24 hours lang eh. :(

    1. Awww, but at least you saw the Ruins! :)

      And we are thankful for our friends there in Bacolod because they were the ones who recommended these stores/places.


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