Food Trip: Exile on Main St. Restaurant near Taft

Years of studying in Taft may mean getting too tired of the same food options. Well, although there may be some truth in it, you may be experiencing this because you haven't explored Taft Avenue that much. But, don't you worry about that. Even I was so surprised that there are some food hubs out there that provide you with delectable food. In fact, I only got the opportunity to try this restaurant out named Exile on Main St. Restaurant through a friend.

Now, before proceeding, let me show you this photo first:

Chicken by Exile on Main St. Restaurant near Taft
Delectable "Chick-Shall-Fry"Chicken by Exile on Main St.
Photo by Nathaniel Chan
Looks really good, right? Well, it is! This is the signature dish of Exile: Chick-Shall-Fry, priced at P125 (6 pcs. of wings and a cup of rice). You may choose between the 2 flavors: Escape to China (wings in soy and honey topped with sesame seeds) and Escape to Texas (wings in tomato-based barbecue sauce).

Oh, if you are with your barkada, you may want to order up 12 pcs of Chick-Shall-Fry which is priced at only P205. Well, sadly, this does not include any rice so you may need to order a cup for P15. But still, that would be a good bargain already. Plus, you will be able to try both flavors since you may choose both destinations (Escape to China and Escape to Texas, 6pcs. for each flavor). Cool!

Exile on Main St. Menu
Of course there are a lot of other good ones in Exile!
Photo by Nathaniel Chan
There are also a number of options to choose from in Exile on Main St., but I leave the exploring up to you! For now, let me just share this dessert with you as an ender:

Apple Pie by Exile on Main St.
Chuck Berry Apple Pie at P85
Now, you may wonder how you would get there. Exile on Main St. is located right across the back entrance of Burgundy Transpacific Place. Well, people studying and living in Taft will find it easy to locate the place, since they are familiar with the landmarks.  Anyway, to help you out in getting there, here's the map retrieved from Exile on Main St. Facebook Page.
Exile on Main St. Map
Where is Exile on Main St. Restaurant and Bar? 
Update: I created another blog post featuring the place, the Drunken Dory and the delightful Y Tu Mama Brownie! You may access it here: Exile on Main St. Restaurant 2.0

Exile on Main St. Restaurant and Bar
#2428 Leon Guinto St. Brgy. 727, Malate, Manila
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

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  1. Thanks for a great article, Renz! Means a lot for everyone on Exile. :) Hope you hideout again at our joint and try our other dishes. And tell your friends about us, too! And more power to your writing!

    -Exile on Main St.


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