Christmas Tree Contest III in Dusit Thani

I want to make this post first to let us all feel the excitement for Christmas. And yes, tomorrow will be the first day of my Finals (but I'm making this post anyway), so wish me luck! Moving on, we stayed up in Dusit Thani Hotel this weekend since my dad (and the rest of us) organized the Annual Christmas Party for the Rotary Club of Pasay.

Skipping some parts of the story... (don't get me wrong, it went super great!) Anyway, Sunday was our check-out day, and so I decided to make the most out of it by taking some great pictures of the Christmas Tree Contest Year III! Plus, I was able to try out the camera my mom bought for us. (I'm still learning, I know!)

Christmas Tree Contest Year 3 in Dusit
A Hundred Voices. Ten Hopes. One Christmas Story
Here are the rest of the photos! I hope you'll enjoy browsing through all these amazing Christmas Trees with unique concepts and ideas.

Dusit Thani Christmas Tree
The Dusit Thani Christmas Tree
Adorable Christmas Tree with Cute Stuff!
Belen in a Christmas Tree
A Belen in a Christmas Tree!
Christmas Tree Amazing Details
Cool details of the Christmas Tree!
Christmas Tree in Red
Looks like a red velvet cake!
Christmas Tree made of Cupcake Boxes
Adorable Christmas Tree with Cupcake Boxes!
Christmas Tree Faces
This may seem ordinary! But take a closer look!
Chrismas Tree with Faces and Masks
Actually, I'm freaked out my this Christmas Tree! :)
Electronic-and-Gadget-Inspired Christmas Tree
This is my favorite among the entires!
So there you go! I hope the photos gave you an inspiration to really study smart for the finals. Let's celebrate this Christmas Season full of joy and not of regrets!

I believe I wasn't able to take photos of the other 2 Christmas Trees there, so you may also want to drop by Dusit Thani to be awed by all these unique Christmas Trees! You'll surely enjoy it there!

Merry Christmas! Oh, by the way, what's your favorite Christmas Tree? Drop a comment below! :)
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  1. i like the one which looks like a cupcake!

  2. The Christmas tree with faces looks really freakish!

  3. Indeed it is. But, I guess it should be artistically seen to be really appreciated. :))

    Thanks for dropping by michymichymoo!


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