Munsterific: Convenience Stores in Bacolod

When we were heading back from Chicken Deli to the L'Fisher Chalet Hotel, we stumbled upon a convenience store with a store name of Munsterific. Terrific, right? 

Munsterific Tumblers in Bacolod
Some cute tumblers from Munsterific!
Actually, Munsterific seems to be the 7-Eleven and Mini Stop of Bacolod. And, it is really a "convenience" store because it was just a 2-to-4-minute walk away from the L'Fisher Chalet. (Of course there are a lot of Munsterific stores out there in Bacolod, but this one was the nearest in L'Fisher Chalet).

Munsterific Convenience Store
Grab some candies, chips and drinks!
We often just stopped by this place to grab some chips, cup noodles and drinks. Great, huh?
By the way, this is how the place looks like:
Munsterific Convenience Store in Bacolod
You may eat some snacks in the store

Munsterific near L'Fisher Chalet
Now, this guy's confused because of so many options!
Yup, they are selling snacks (hotdogs, rice meals etc). Oh, cakes & pastries too! In case you are craving for something cold, well, they offer soft ice cream! Really convenient and terrific, right?
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