Oceanview Hotel and Resort - A Subic Experience!

Summer. It's that time when we head for the beach and get sun-stoked. Right? Yes. And so, that's what we did, this summer of 2011!

Yeah yeah. I know it was a bit late for us to head to a beach, since it was almost May. But who cares? The sun was still giving up its most exuberant rays, so the timing was still perfect! Besides, we were SO ready to tough the heat out.

What's the destination? It's no other than SUBIC!

Additional Note (November 21, 2013): I wrote this post more than  2 years ago, but I decided to revise this a little, as well as improve the quality of the photos.

It was time for to gear on, but you may ask what was our primary gear? Well, it was no other than the sunblock!

Departure time: 7:00 am (30 Apr 2011).

I know a lot of you like to get on the road because you want to see new and interesting sites, but guess what I did while travelling?

But of course, I did not sleep during the entire time. See, I even took a picture of the road we were on.

Photo of Road to Subic
Road to Subic - a fun summer escapade!

Okay. Nice scene right? Moving on, we went for a stopover to have our Breakfast in Kenny's.
Well, after having our energizing breakfast there, we continued heading to our destination.

Arrival Time: 11:00 am (30 Apr 2011) in Oceanview Resort.
Apparently, it took us 4 hours to reach Subic from Manila. Hence, be sure to prepare for a long travel time when you decide to visit Subic as well!

Oceanview Resort Facade, Subic
Oceanview Resort Facade, Subic

Oceanview Hotel and Resort

This is the facade of the place where we stayed in. Nice, huh? Yup. Indeed it is. It's affordable too. (Of course by the time you are reading this, the price may have changed. So, it will be irrelevant for me to include it here).

Anyway, we rested there for a while, and basically toured the place out. Well, the room was okay, not excellent, but still decent and comfortable. This was just fine. After all, we will be spending most of our time outside!

Then after a brief rest, we headed for the hut we rented which was somehow expensive (costing Php 800.00). Anyway, we rented it out so we could be closer to the beach. It was about 1:30 pm at that time, and so the heat was in its wildest and extreme state. We had our lunch first and rested there in the small hut for a few hours. We didn't want to plunge into the beach with the intense heat.

The Subic beach near Oceanview Hotel and Resort
The Subic beach near Oceanview Hotel and Resort
Here's a picture of me near the hut we rented. Like I told you, we rented it so we can be closer to the beach.

4:00 pm. The time came for us to charge, and get dirty (with all the sand).

After "plundering" the beach, we headed for the Resort's pool until we tire ourselves out.

8:00 pm. We had our dinner in the hut. After resting for about 30 minutes, we just went near the shores and walked while enjoying the cool breeze blowing in.

10:00 pm. We headed back to the place we were staying. Took a bath and prepared to sleep.

11:30 pm. Sleeping time.

I've broken this Subic Experience blog post into 3 parts for an easier read. You may want to continue one with Day 2 in Subic - Banana Boat and More!

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