Thursday, December 27, 2012

CYMA: An Awesome Greek Restaurant for a Unique Dining

CYMA Greek Restaurant
Cyma Greek Restaurant in Robinson's Place Manila

Value for Money

While waiting for the time set for the grade consultation, JD, TJ Palanca (my blockmates) and I decided to burn time by going to Robinsons’ Place Ermita, and have our lunch there. And since we were eager to try something new (to compensate for the dismay of our grades in a particular subject), we decided to try Cyma (a Greek restaurant) located in 2nd Floor of the Midtown Wing!

Cyma Greek Restaurant in Robinson's Place Manila
Welcome to Cyma Greek Taverna!

The place was not really that stunning, but still was great and cozy enough to chill and enjoy delectable Greek dishes! It showcases the typical Greek theme highlighted by some precious blue tones. Anyway, I will no longer keep you waiting and present to you 3 dishes that we were able to try out.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DLSU GPA, Grade and CGPA Calculator

For years, I've been closely monitoring my academic performance through my personally crafted GPA, Grade and CGPA Calculator (made from MS Excel). And I realized that I can share it with you through this blog!
DLSU GPA and Grade Calculator
Try this one out for next term! Download link can be found below.
List of Updates:
April 2013 - Changed the "layout" and added a CGPA Calculator; Fixed the Grade Calculator
August 2013 - Added a tool to help you project what GPA you will need for the rest of your stay in DLSU to attain your desired final CGPA. This may be helpful for those targeting Latin Honors.
September 2013 - The calculator now knows if you will be ineligible for being in the Dean's List despite a qualified GPA. This however made the file larger. Note: This change is applicable to the downloadable file only.

What is this tool?
This is just a basic tool to help you compute for your GPA. I know this is really easy to craft in excel, but I'm sharing it with you anyway. Plus, this tool also contains a simple grade and CGPA calculator that can help you out in evaluating your performance, and as well as check your expected final grade and, well of course your CGPA.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Simple Dinner at Cafe Mary Grace

While waiting for my grades to be finally uploaded in MLS, I'll share this another quick post with you. Just some hours ago, my mom and I had our dinner together at Cafe Mary Grace, 2nd Floor Robinsons' Place Manila. I was so eager to try it out since it will be my first (It was funny because I thought they are just selling pastries and cakes). My mom said she didn't have a great time during her first visit but was still willing to go for it. And so it was decided - Cafe Mary Grace!

Mary Grace Cafe in Robinson's Place Ermita
Mary Grace Cafe in Robinson's Place Ermita - Midtown Wing

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring along with me a decent camera. So, I had to settle with a camera phone. For that, I apologize.

Anyway, we only got to try 3 from the menu. Here's the first one, A Hearty Squash Soup (P124):

Squash Soup of Cafe Mary Grace
A soup that will really warm your hearts!
I wasn't quite expecting that the food their will taste great. Actually, I was ready to settle for "okay". But, this Squash Soup was just extra-ordinary! Every peso will be worth it for this amazing dish!

Next one up is a salad, Prawn Salad with Mango-Papaya Vinaigrette (P275):

Prawn Salad with Mango-Papaya Vinaigrette
Prawn Salad with Mango-Papaya Vinaigrette
This salad tasted above "okay" but wasn't that exciting (probably because the greens are not as fresh). Despite this, it was still really enjoyable and worth sharing for 2.
Vigan Longganisa and Kesong Puti Sandwich
Vigan Longganisa and Kesong Puti Sandwich
Because we were a bit full during the night, we just decided to share for this sandwich, Vigan Longganisa and Kesong Puti Sandwich (P213). And I really got surprised by this dish! It was probably because I wasn't expecting much from it, since I know that Vigan Longganisa is kind of salty (and I'm more fond of the sweet taste). Nevertheless, it was so great! The Kesong Puti blends well with the saltiness of the longganisa and perfectly tangos with the veggies.

So, all in all, the dining experience was super! I really enjoyed dinner aside from the fact that I got the chance to catch up again with my mom.

This only means one thing. You better try eating out here in Cafe Mary Grace because it will definitely be worth the experience!

Cafe Mary Grace
2nd Flr of Midtown Wing
Robinson's Place Ermita, Manila

Saturday, December 15, 2012

SINCERITY'S Famous Fried Chicken and Oyster Cake in Binondo

Sincerity's famous tasty fried chicken should surely be part of your Binondo Foodtrip! Anyway, let me share with you a short story on how I met Sincerity.

Just some hours ago (at the time of writing this) my sister brought in some chicken from Sincerity. And it was so timely since we didn't have anything for dinner. So, yes, lucky! I immediately sensed the goodness through the aromatic smell that wafted through the room, and it was apparent that it was coming from the box my sister was carrying.

Okay, let me first show you this photo which contains the cute "logo" of Sincerity.

Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant
That's how your face will look like once you taste this chicken!

And no, that's not the actual chicken. It's just part of the box where the chickens are. Here's the entire box, in case you are wondering: Right now, it is priced at P300 (as of September 10, 2013) for a a whole chicken (take out).

When my sister brought this home, it was still so warm and smelled great!
When my sister brought this home, it was still so warm and smelled great!

 I'm going to open it, are you ready? Well, here it is!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree Contest III in Dusit Thani

I want to make this post first to let us all feel the excitement for Christmas. And yes, tomorrow will be the first day of my Finals (but I'm making this post anyway), so wish me luck! Moving on, we stayed up in Dusit Thani Hotel this weekend since my dad (and the rest of us) organized the Annual Christmas Party for the Rotary Club of Pasay.

Skipping some parts of the story... (don't get me wrong, it went super great!) Anyway, Sunday was our check-out day, and so I decided to make the most out of it by taking some great pictures of the Christmas Tree Contest Year III! Plus, I was able to try out the camera my mom bought for us. (I'm still learning, I know!)

Christmas Tree Contest Year 3 in Dusit
A Hundred Voices. Ten Hopes. One Christmas Story
Here are the rest of the photos! I hope you'll enjoy browsing through all these amazing Christmas Trees with unique concepts and ideas.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Food Trip: Exile on Main St. Restaurant near Taft

Years of studying in Taft may mean getting too tired of the same food options. Well, although there may be some truth in it, you may be experiencing this because you haven't explored Taft Avenue that much. But, don't you worry about that. Even I was so surprised that there are some food hubs out there that provide you with delectable food. In fact, I only got the opportunity to try this restaurant out named Exile on Main St. Restaurant through a friend.

Now, before proceeding, let me show you this photo first:

Chicken by Exile on Main St. Restaurant near Taft
Delectable "Chick-Shall-Fry"Chicken by Exile on Main St.
Photo by Nathaniel Chan
Looks really good, right? Well, it is! This is the signature dish of Exile: Chick-Shall-Fry, priced at P125 (6 pcs. of wings and a cup of rice). You may choose between the 2 flavors: Escape to China (wings in soy and honey topped with sesame seeds) and Escape to Texas (wings in tomato-based barbecue sauce).